Professional Insurance
Why it's important

Today's business climate is increasingly complex and litigious. An accident, an unintentional oversight, a misunderstanding, poor documentation, or miscommunication can lead to unexpected legal action against your company. Below are some real-life examples of how professional liability claims can impact a small business like yours.


Optometrist Error

An optometrist prescribes eyeglass lenses with an incorrect astigmatism correction. While wearing the glasses, the customer falls down stairs and suffers injury because his vision is distorted by the incorrect prescription.

A claim is made for the customer's medical expenses to treat the injuries, including pain and suffering for an amount of $20,000.


Poor Placement Decision

A placement agency was hired to locate qualified candidate to run a client's human resource department. The agency recommended a candidate with management experience but failed to recommend candidate with a human resources background. After the client hired the recommended candidate, it later terminated the person for lacking proper qualifications. The client hired an attorney to collect damages incurred as a result of the negligent placement. In addition, the client had to retain an outside human resources provider to perform these functions while a replacement was located.

It cost over $175,000, including defense and settlement costs.



An advertising agency developed a campaign for a major client that involved the production of a series of television commercials. The agency subcontracted the commercial's background music to a local freelance musician. After the commercial aired, another musician claimed the music used in the commercial had been copies without her permission from a work she had previously recorded.

The agency and its client were sued in $100,000 copyright infringement claim.



Professional liability insurance is a smart and prctical way you can take action to protect the business you've worked hard to build. If you would like to discuss professional liability, please contact:

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